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Partecipation in gropus



  • Knowledge of the groups and types
  • Participation in the groups (in this phase participation is open to three groups)
  • Discussion with the professional workers about the observed work and the writing of a report of the different groups


In this experimental phase it is necessary to concentrate the three groups into one day of observation, from morning to evening.


Based on the Group chosen/selected

During the break between the first and second modules, which will be about a month, the participant will have to produce a report on her/his observed work.

The report will be useful to the participants not only to focus on their own vivencia experiences but also to collect impressions and observations on the dynamics of the groups themselves. The reports will therefore provide a valuable contribution of reflection and sharing for the work of the Accademia.

The participant will prepare a session for one of the groups, which she/he will be able to lead or co-lead during the second module. Before the second module it will be necessary to share what has been done with the professional workers of the Accademia.

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